Uttar Pradesh State Wide Area Network

UPSWAN is one of the major Projects to boost IT/Network infrastructure in the State to be implemented soon. It is one of the 27 Projects under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). UPSWAN will have the distinction of a state owned network providing all three services - Data, Video & Voice (IP based). The project is funded by DIT. NIC is the implementing agency for UPSWAN. In addition to the National e-Governance projects, UPSWAN can also be used for education, telemedicine, training to Government officials etc. Some of the key application areas identified for UPSWAN are -

  • Treasury Online a G2G & G2C application
  • Lokvani
  • Land Records Computerisation
  • Transport Computerisation
  • Rural Development
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Police, etc

Features :-

  • A backbone network to provide connectivity right upto the village level
  • Internet Ready Blocks, Tehsils & Districts
  • NIC is the implementation agency in UP
  • Interconnection with NIC�s satellite based Network (NICNET)
  • Capable to handle high volume high speed throughput of 34/8/2 Mbps.

List Of Engineers Posted at District Head Quarter NIC Hathras

Details of NIC-NET Engineers

S.No Center Name Name Contacts E-mail
1 District HQ Mr. Amit Madnawat 7599252528 nfe2.ht.up@nic.in
2 District HQ Mr. Ravinder singh 9152431977 nfe1.ht.up@nic.in

Details of UP-Swan Engineers

S.No POP Name Name Contacts E-mail
1 District HQ Mr Shubham singh 9452084883 subham.singh1@wipro.com
2 District HQ Mr. Lokendra sharma 9997768389 lokendra.kumar@wipro.com
3 Tehsil Hathras Mr.Sheshmani bhardwaj 9675544107 sheshmani.bhardwaj@wipro.com
4 Tehsil Sadabad Mr. Ajay pathak 8869060450 ajay.pathak@wipro.com
4 Tehsil Sasni Mr. Alok mishra 8909550936 alok.mishra7@wipro.com
5 Tehsil Sikandra rao Mr. Vivek kumar 9456252715 vivek.kumar31@wipro.com
8 Block Hathras Mr. Ram Saraswat 9927044451 ram.saraswat@wipro.com
9 Block Sahpau Mr. Omveer kushwah 9058697811 om.kushwaha@wipro.com
10 Block Hasayan Mr. Sunil kumar 9634879682 sunilkumar92@wipro.com